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This app review is for the Android version of Scripture Typer.  I have seen the iPhone version and it is not very different. I have no idea what the Kindle version looks like.  Here is a link for the Android app. Click one of these links for Kindle or iPhone/iPad versions.

This is the main screen for the app. You will want to start by tapping My Verses.
At first, your My Verses screen will not have any of the Groups or Collections listed.  To join a Group, tap SEE ALL.

I have not found any way to search the Group List to find a specific group that you might be looking for using the app.  If you are looking for something specific, I suggest that you use the Scripture Typer website to display the list of groups and then use your browser’s Find command to locate the group you want.

Here are links to the two groups I am a part of:
Dan Cathers – Solid Life
Living Water Discipleship

The Group screen gives you various options, but the most immediately useful option is to view the Group Verses.  The screenshot of a Group screen that I used for this example is from a group that I am already a member of.  If I was not a member of this group, the first option in the menu would be Join this Group.

Here is what a sample Group Verses screen would look like. At first, My Selected Group Verses will be blank and all the checkboxes for the Group Verse Collections will be unchecked.
If you tap on a Group Verse Collection, you will be able to see the verses inside the collection.  If you find a collection of verses that you would like to add to your own personal collection, you will need to Join this Group first.  After joining the Group, you can tap the checkbox to import a Group Verse Collection into your own personal collection of verses.  After importing a collection, your screen will look like the Group Verses screen above.
Groups are not the only place to select a collection of verses that has already been organized. If you go back to the My Verses screen, at the bottom of the screen is an option to Browse Verse Library.  Tap on it to choose from a wide selection of Collections of verses.
This screenshot shows a small portion of the Collections available to choose from.
From the My Verses screen you can tap the NEW collection option to create your own Collection.  Just give your Collection a name in the Collection Editor and you are ready to start filling it with verses.
Once you have your Collection, tap the NEW verse option from the My Verses screen, to open the Verse Editor. Select the Verse Reference you want to create.  Make sure to choose the Bible Version you want, it defaults to whatever you used last.

You can change the Collections from Uncategorized to one or more collections.  After picking categories,  tap the Import Verse Text button.   If you selected a passage of text, for instance John 1:1-5, you will have the option to import the the verses separately or the entire passage as one item.  I usually import multiple verses into one passage, but if I am going to attempt to memorize something like all of Psalm 1, I will break it up to make it easier.

Finally, tap Save to finish up.

Now that you have a Collection of verses, it is time to start memorizing them.  From the My Verses screen, tap the name of a Collection to bring the list of verses in the collection.  At first, none of your verses will have check marks.  Those only appear once you have mastered a verse.  The lines below the checkmarks in this sample screenshot are a menu of Verse Actions.
The option on the Verse Actions menu for Flash Cards is only available if you pay to upgrade from the free version of the app to the Pro version.  One nice benefit of upgrading is that you get to share your upgrade with four people that you know.
I think the Flash Cards are a great way to review verses without actually testing yourself by typing them. They work just like paper flash cards. You have the Verse on one side.
And the text of the Verse on the other side.
Instead of tapping the 3 lines icon to bring up the Verse Action menu, if you just tap the Verse, it will open in Type mode. In this mode, the entire verse is displayed and you simply tap the first letter of each word to type it out (not every letter of every word).
If you tap Typing Mode, there are more options.
In Memorize mode, you get to see every other word to start preparing yourself for the ultimate goal of mastering the verse.
In Master mode, you tap the first letter for each word of the verse, then you finish by tapping the book, chapter, and verse at the end (for instance John 3:16).
Once you have mastered a verse, you will prompted to Review the verse daily at first. The more times you successfully Review a verse, the longer the period will become between scheduled Reviews. The maximum review interval is weekly.
There are many other options to explore in the the app, but I will end with this tip that I find useful. Using the website for Scripture Typer, you can create a Verse that is not actually from the Bible. A good example of this is shown in this screenshot. I create one “verse” as an Overview of all the verses in a Collection. The Overview starts with the first letter of each Book for each verse, followed by the book, chapter, and verse numbers for all the verses in the collection, with a few words from each verse. By mastering the Overview, it helps me to remember the verse numbers and enough of the verse that it jogs my memory to try to complete the entire verse from the selected words that were included in the Overview. When my head is swimming with lots of random verse numbers and I can’t remember which verse goes with what text, this is very helpful for me. Try it out and see if helps you.
Thanks for reading this far. I know there are other apps out there that do similar things. This happens to be the tool that I use for Scripture Memorization. If you want to know why I memorize scripture, read this post.


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