In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus instructs his disciples to “Go, therefore, and make disciples…

I make absolutely no claim to being an expert on methods of creating disciples.  The list below is just a small sample of things related to Discipleship that I will write more about as I begin to construct this site.

Gospel Classes – I attend the Church of Living Water in Olympia, WA and as of 2016 their discipleship centers around three different classes.  Each class meets once a week for four weeks.

Operation Solid Lives – A previous iteration of discipleship at Living Water was based on a modified version of material from another Foursquare denominational church, The Rock.  Some of the audio teachings were quite challenging and memorable.  I am not sure how the courses may have been modified over the years, but they have an online version that is available and might be worth checking out.

Multiply – This 24 week study is designed to motivate the student to make disciples.  It was written by Francis Chan (David Platt is in the videos for the Multiply website, I don’t know if that means he was a coauthor of the material).  I have not gone through the entire 24 weeks.  I just recently started going through this with a small group I am leading.  I will post a review when I have finished the 24 weeks.

33:  The Series – What does it mean to be a man?  Authentic Manhood is explored in this series of six topics:  A Man and His Design; A Man and His Story; A Man and His Traps; A Man and His Work; A Man and His Marriage; A Man and His Family.  Each topic is broken into six videos about half an hour long.  The workbook and videos are very well designed.  This is an updated version of a previous study by Pastor Robert Lewis.  The new version is is more ethnically diverse and has been produced in a more modern style that would resonate with younger men.  While this material is not generic discipleship, if you are a man, I highly recommend that you check it out.